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Despite what the headline says, Kate Upton’s engagement ring isn’t really almost as big as Justin Verlander’s World Series ring . . . but it’s still impressive.


Kate Upton's Engagement Ring Is Almost As Big As Verlander's World Series Ring

Kate Upton My Engagement Ring Almost As Big As Verlander's World Series Ring Justin Verlander won the World Series ... Kate Upton is winning at life -- if you use giant diamonds to keep score. The Houston Astros pitcher let his supermodel wife rock his brand new World Series ring -- on the same hand as her massive engagement ring ...

Here’s something of Kate’s that IS bigger than Justin’s World Series ring.  Way bigger.


Kate Upton Models A New Line Of Super Busty Lingerie - Egotastic - Sexy Celebrity Gossip and Entertainment News

CELEBRITIES Kate Upton's curves are more amazing to look at than watching someone draw a perfect circle freehand. Each and every last one of her circumferences from head to toe are absolutely stunning. She should consider teaching a class. It would be called "how to be great like Kate."