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A man was arrested on several charges after a Florida sheriff spotted him driving a vehicle improperly registered.  When the sheriff attempted to pull him over the driver continued driving ignoring the police lights and siren.

The sheriff continued to follow the man until he stopped driving and parked outside of a trailer.  When the sheriff knocked on the trailer door the driver answered wrapped in a towel and soaking wet.  He claimed to the officer that he wasn’t driving the car because “he was [effing] his girlfriend” and told the officer to “smell his fingers” to prove his alibi.


Florida Man Tells Cop to Smell His Fingers for an Alibi

Umatilla (WTFF) - A Florida man driving an unregistered car was arrested for several offenses. 28-year-old Joshua Lee Cranmer was born in New Jersey and now works as a roofer living in Umatilla. Instead of actually registering his 1999 green Saturn, he just slapped "an extremely old version" of a license plate on it.