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Well this sounds a lot better than getting a spray-on tan, going to a tanning salon, or . . . God forbid . . . going outdoors.

A company in England just invented a product called “Tan Gummies” . . . which are gummy bears that make you tan.  They say they’re the first edible tanning supplement ever and they use a special blend of vitamins to safely and naturally make you tan.

Do they work?  Well . . . we’re not sure.  But a lot of people want to find out, since they’ve been selling out.  If you want to try them, they cost about $17 for a bottle, but it doesn’t look like they ship to the U.S.


Superdrug are now selling gummy bears that help you tan better

GETTING a golden glow is important all-year round with sunbeds, spray tans and fake tans all promising a bronzed look. But one company claims to have invented the first edible tanning supplement - in the shape of gummy bears. Tan Gummies claim to "accelerate and enhance the perfect bronze tone to pale skins, with and without the sun".