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A man who goes by the name W D Davis (he says he must remain anonymous otherwise he could be in danger) is claiming to be a time-traveller from the year 2200.  Davis says he brought with him a miracle food pellet that has ended world hunger. 

The food from the future has everything you need for a week and is supplied by the government every month. He also made claims that Cancer has been completely cured, people are living on Mars, flying cars can travel to space, and that he is 103 years old amongst other things.


'Time-traveller' brings food item from 2200 that has 'ended world hunger'

A ' time-traveller ' claims to have brought back a miracle food pellet from 2200 that has cured world hunger. The man - going only by the name W D Davis - also claims that cancer has been cured entirely and that flying cars that go on auto pilot can travel into space.