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A video is making the rounds of a man named Greg Barrett who addressed the school board in Katy, Texas on Monday.  He told them how he was bullied in junior high back in the ’70s by his fellow students, teachers, and coaches . . . because his LEGAL last name is “Gay.” 

He said one kid SHOVED his head into a urinal and no one came to his defense, including the principal.  He went home and put his dad’s .45 into his mouth and considered suicide because he had nobody in the school system to help him.

And then he revealed that the current superintendent . . . a man sitting on the board that he’s addressing . . . was the guy who bullied him.

Man confronts Superintendent about Bullying in Katy ISD public schools.

On March 19th during the Katy ISD school board work study meeting, a man shares his experience being bullied in Katy ISD schools.