(Photo by Paul Hawthorne/Getty Images)

Woman finds a bloody human tooth while eating a package of cashews

A woman in Ohio was recently eating cashews when she found a bloody human TOOTH in the bag. 

The woman had put a handful of nuts into her mouth and started chewing when she felt something hard.  After looking at the hard object she realized it looked like a human tooth.  She went to the hospital and was treated for coming into contact with blood/bodily fluids and it was confirmed that the hard object was indeed a human tooth.

Planters parent company Kraft foods is currently investigating the incident.


Ravenna woman finds bloody human tooth in bag of cashews

A woman from Ravenna got an unpleasant surprise when she put a handful of cashews in her mouth. She felt something hard. Not knowing what it was she handed it to her mother who was riding in her car with her. After turning on the interior light, her mom said it looked like a human tooth.