(Photo by Jeff Schear/Getty Images for Pizza Hut)

A man believes a pizza place used his face on their pizza boxes

A 39-year-old guy in England is convinced Pizza Hut has been using a photo of him on their pizza boxes.The man thinks that someone took his picture while eating inside their restaurant and then printed his face on the boxes.  Pizza Hut denies this and says that the person pictured is a member of their creative team, but won't show this man the original photo used.  The man claims that his hair, beard, jewelry and clothes all match.  It does look like him, but they claim it's someone else

What do you think? Is it Him?


Father is convinced Pizza Hut used his face for a delivery box

Nick Richardson, 39, from Redditch visited a Pizza Hut in Stoke last August Courier got a text from a friend asking him, 'Why are you on my pizza box?' He is now convinced the box shows him although pizza chain denies this A father is convinced Pizza Hut took a photo of him eating in one of their restaurants and printed his face on their takeaway boxes.