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EVERCREECH, ENGLAND - FEBRUARY 11: James Bardgett checks the quality of beer which is stored in barrels at the Wild Beer Co brewery at Lower Westcombe Farm on February 11, 2016 near Evercreech, England. Over recent years there has been a surge in the popularity of craft beers, which are brewed by smaller independent breweries, such as the Wild Beer Co in Somerset which specialises in beers that have an emphasis on quality, flavour and brewing methods. (Photo by Matt Cardy/Getty Images)

Apparently there are breweries all over the country that have started making GLITTER BEER.  It’s made with a flavorless edible glitter that sparkles in the light.


'Glitter Beers' Are Here to Make (or Ruin) Your Day

Left photo courtesy of Erica DeAnda; right courtesy of Carli Smith Who doesn't love glitter? It's nearly impossible to get out of your cleavage after a night on the town, but it's festive as hell. And now thanks to edible glitter, your digestive system can be as sparkly as your 1990s eyeshadow palette.