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Mother of two is proud of her 80 affairs with married men

Mrs Van Der Velde, from Harrogate, North Yorkshire, started cheating in March 2004 right before her husband died suddenly at age 34. Her and her husband had started an open relationship in the last few years of his life. Since his passing she continued that lifestyle and has engaged in affairs with 80 married men.

She works as a sex therapist and runs seminars for couples and singles to speak openly about fantasies and sexual desires and even hosts events where attendees can have sex with other partygoers.  She is proud of her affairs and feels that modern ideas of monogamy don't work for everyone and are unrealistic and not in line with human nature.


Mother-of-two says she's had 80 affairs with married men and she's proud

A doctor's widow has admitted that she's had affairs with 80 married men following her husband's death. Louise Van Der Velde, 43, says she is living every day like it is her last, juggling multiple affairs with numerous lovers.