(Photo by Chris Jackson/Getty Images)

Adults Are Now Smashing Birthday Cakes Like Toddlers

You know how there's a tradition where a kid SMASHES a birthday cake at their first birthday?  Well now, apparently, ADULTS are getting in on that trend, and buying "smash cakes" to destroy on their 30th birthday.

Adult smash cake photo shoot. She enjoyed her cake!! #smashcake #adultsmashcake #minicakes #hombrecake

57 Likes, 4 Comments - Sweet T's (@sweet_ts_delectables) on Instagram: "Adult smash cake photo shoot. She enjoyed her cake!! #smashcake #adultsmashcake #minicakes..."

And, of course, you need to do a full photo shoot while you're smashing the cake, because what would the point be otherwise?


Adult Smash Cakes Are Now A Thing

Milestone birthdays tend to freak people out, especially when that milestone is 30. To ease the pain of entering official adulthood, some are bringing things full circle with an adult cake smash photoshoot.