Woman threatened to kill everyone at a school playground with axe

A 33-year-old woman was arrested earlier this week in Nevada.  She allegedly climbed an elementary school fence and entered a playground yelling threats while holding a pickaxe. 

At the time of the incident there were 200 children playing on the playground.  According to reports the woman was yelling that she was going to murder everyone.  Police arrived and the woman cooperated and was arrested.  Police believe the woman was mentally impaired and possibly under the influence of drugs.


Nevada police say woman went to school playground with ax, threatened to kill everyone

A woman in Nevada who reportedly carried a pickaxe as she shouted threats at a playground where hundreds of children were playing has been arrested. Kisstal Killough, 33, was allegedly carrying the hand tool and screaming threats as she climbed a chain link fence around noon on Tuesday to enter the Tom Williams Elementary School playground in North Las Vegas, Fox 5 Las Vegas reported.