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JULIA CREEK, AUSTRALIA - APRIL 08: Competitors perform for the crowd in the Best Butt Competition during the Dirt 'n' Dust Festival 2017 on April 8, 2017 in Julia Creek, Australia. The Queensland outback festival held in the state's remote far north includes event such as the AustraliaÕs toughest sprint triathlon, junior triathlons, Julia Creek Turf Club races, PBR bull ride, live music, AustraliaÕs Best Butt competition and novelty events such as Bog Snorkelling. (Photo by Mark Kolbe/Getty Images)

Argentina’s sexiest weather girl insures her famous ass for 72,000 euro to protect it from all risks


Argentina's 'sexiest weathergirl' insures her famous bum for a whopping £72,000

A weathergirl dubbed 'Argentina's sexiest' has insured her famous bum to protect it from "all risks". Sol Perez insured her taut derriere for £72,000 GBP (2million Argentine Pesos) after finding a company who was willing to offer a suitable settlement for her most-prized asset.