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A New Adult Toy Will Order a Pizza For You Once You're . . . Um . . . Done!

Not sure anyone NEEDS this new product . . . but it's weirdly tempting.

The adult company CamSoda just created a new vibrating adult toy that has a special feature . . . after you're, um, done using it, it automatically orders you a pizza from Domino's.

It's called the RubGrub and it should go on sale in a few months for $20.


New Vibrator Claims You Can Order Pizza With It After You Orgasm

An adult entertainment company has come out with a new sex toy that's really saucy: a vibrator that orders pizza after your orgasm. On Thursday morning, adult entertainment company CamSoda introduced the "RubGrub," an interactive vibrator that orders food after you're done using it for its original purpose.