(Photo by Steffi Loos/Getty Images)

Olive Garden's New Invention Is a Bowl Made of Pizza Crust Filled with Meatballs

The newest item at Olive Garden is the Meatball Pizza Bowl.  It's an edible bowl made out of pizza dough that's filled with cheese, sauce, and 10 MEATBALLS.

It costs $9, and comes with unlimited salad and breadsticks . . . because you probably need unlimited breadsticks as a side dish for this thing.


Olive Garden's Huge New Meatball Pizza Bowl Comes Loaded With 10 Meatballs

Olive Garden, home of fast-casual Italian comforts such as fried pasta nachos, Italiano Burgers, and other mutant dishes that might've been engineered in a comfort food lab, is back with another hybrid offering for its lunch menu, and it's a behemoth: The Meatball Pizza Bowl.