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China launches crackdown on funeral strippers

Apparently strippers at funerals is a thing in China.  Burlesque performances at funerals try to draw in more people to mourn the loss of a loved one and also show off the families wealth and have been gaining popularity.

China's Ministry of Culture is not happy about it and have made the practice illegal and claims it corrupts "social morals."  The new crackdown urges people to contact a special phone line to report a funeral burlesque show and are evening offering "financial rewards."


China has a bizarre phenomenon of funeral strippers and it just won't go away

China has launched a fresh crack down on the bizarre phenomenon of funeral strippers. The practice, described as illegal and which corrupts "social morals", is still a huge problem in rural areas. Burlesque shows at some funerals aim to draw more mourners and show off the family's wealth, in a practice that has gained popularity over the years.