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WARMINSTER, PA - APRIL 18: Pink and yellow Marshmallow Peeps are seen April 18, 2003 in Warminster, Pennsylvania. Just Born, the manufacturer of Marshmallow Peeps, is celebrating the 50th anniversary of Marshmallow Peeps, and now produces more than one billion individual Peeps per year. Last Easter, more than 700 million Marshmallow Peeps and Bunnies were consumed by men, women, and children throughout the United States. Strange things people like to do with Marshmallow Peeps: eat them stale, microwave them, freeze them, roast them and use them as a pizza topping. Marshmallow Peeps and Bunnies come in five colors. (Photo by William Thomas Cain/Getty Images)

Peeps just announced EIGHT new flavors coming out for Easter:  Sour cherry . . . Neapolitan . . . lemon sherbet dipped in fudge . . . orange sherbet dipped in fudge . . . pancakes and syrup . . . and three mystery flavors.

More info on the Peeps

And on a related note, there’s a new M&M’s flavor at Target right now:  Neapolitan.  And according to food bloggers, it’s really good.

M&M's New Flavor Tastes Just Like Neapolitan Ice Cream

Better late than never: Roughly six months after Australia got its first taste of Neapolitan M&M's, the flavor has made its way stateside. The pastel-colored candies are Target's exclusive flavor for spring - and according to bloggers, they taste just like the half-gallons of ice cream your friend's ultra-practical mom served at birthday parties growing up.