(Photo by David McNew/Getty Images)

A Truck and Several Cars Burst Into Flames on a Highway

Somebody's dash cam in China caught the moment that a truck and several cars burst into flames on a highway.  It was a natural gas truck and it was leaking all over the road.  A spark must have set the spilled gas on fire. 

The car taking the video tried to get out of there by driving backwards, and you can see the long trail of flames from the leaking gas.  Surprisingly, no one was killed, but two people were hospitalized.

Gas truck bursts into flames in China.

Gas truck bursts into flames in China. Two people were hospitalized after a truck carrying natural gas burst into flames on an expressway in north China on Sunday. A wall of flames appeared out of nowhere and three vehicles near the truck were damaged. Fortunately the drivers were able to escape in time and were uninjured.