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Is Dundee Actually a Movie or Not?

We had a lot of debate on the show about trailer for the "Crocodile Dundee" sequel, with Danny McBride and Chris Hemsworth.  Well most of us figured it was fake and it was. It was just a commercial for Australian tourism.  Although it did have a cameo from the real Crocodile Dundee, Paul Hogan.

Tourism Australia Dundee Super Bowl Ad 2018 w/ Chris Hemsworth and Danny McBride

The greatest name in the outback is back in the outback! Only this time, Dundee isn't a Hollywood movie. It's a giant tourism ad for Australia. Thirty years after Crocodile Dundee first introduced the world to the land down under, Chris Hemsworth and Danny McBride bring the iconic Aussie franchise back as they embark on the trip of a lifetime.