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NAPIER, NEW ZEALAND - OCTOBER 05: The wreckage of a car sits in a ditch off the Napier Taupo Highway just south of the Mohaka Bridge on October 5, 2005 in Napier, New Zealand. The car was involved in a crash four days previously but was only discovered when a truck driver who had broken down at the same spot went to investigate noises from a nearby bank. The driver discovered a seriously injured woman who had spent more than three days trapped in a wrecked car. The male driver of the car and a female passenger died in the crash, while the suriviving female passenger was flown to Hawke's Bay Regional Hospital in Hastings in a critical condition. (Photo by John Cowpland/Getty Images)

There’s dash cam footage from inside a guy’s car as he gets rear-ended on a highway near Philadelphia.  Then it gets crazy.  He chases the hit-and-run driver as she weaves in and out of traffic.  At one point his car FLIPS over and lands back on its wheels.

So, he takes off again and continues the chase.  The video ends with him still in pursuit.  A ton of innocent people were put at risk during the chase . . . so it’s a good example of how NOT to handle a hit-and-run situation.


Uploaded by fred bob on 2018-01-31.