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It’s been almost five years since the CRONUT was invented in New York . . . and people lined up for hours to see what it tasted like when you combined a croissant and a donut.  After that, people started combining croissants with EVERYTHING.

So it’s kind of amazing no one thought of THIS mash-up until now:  A bakery in San Francisco just started selling the TACRO.  That’s half taco shell, half croissant.

They come with chicken, pulled pork, or barbecued jackfruit and it costs $12 for three of ’em.


Are you ready for the tacro?

It's been a while since we've had a strange and wonderful food hybrid. After the mass mania caused by the cronut, others have tried to smush croissants into other formats with the conut, the cruffin, and, of course, the sushi croissant. But none have really taken off.