(Photo by Stephen Dunn/Getty Images)

A Guy's DeLorean Goes Up in Flames After an Accident and No One Would Hook Him Up With a Fire Extinguisher

A guy was driving his classic DeLorean in Utah on Saturday when someone rear-ended him . . . and the car caught on fire.  He ran into a Rite Aid to try to borrow their fire extinguisher, but they wouldn't give it to him . . . and the car wound up burning so badly it's a total loss.


Rare DeLorean catches fire at Utah Rite-Aid

(KUTV) - A Utah man's rare DeLorean was destroyed Saturday when it caught fire shortly after being rear-ended.Daryl Kemsley was driving in Orem when he was rear-ended.He pulled into a nearby Rite-Aid parking lot right before the car burst into flames.Kemsl