GENEVA, SWITZERLAND - APRIL 17: A giant 25m worm has invaded Lake Geneva for #MakingSchistory representing the parasitic worm of schistosomiasis that causes suffering to millions of people around the world, on April 17, 2017 in Geneva, Switzerland. (Photo by Harold Cunningham/Getty Images for Global Schistosomiasis Alliance / Merck KGaA )

Traveling the world can be expensive! If you have the dough, you can experience exotic locations and world-class resorts. One fancy hotel located in Geneva, Switzerland is being dubbed the world’s most expensive hotel suite.

The Royal Penthouse Suite is located inside the Hotel President Wilson Hotel. The pricey stay will cost you a whopping $80,000 per night! We’ll give you a moment to pick your jaw up.


In this instance, you definitely get what you pay for! Not only is it one of the most expensive locations, it’s also the biggest suite in all of Europe accommodating 12 guests with 12 bedrooms and 12 marble bathrooms and 360 views of the Alps. In total, guests can expect to spread out in 5,500 square feet of space.


The hotel also notes that a private staff of a butler, chef and personal assistant will be on hand to help those out with guests every desire.

Patrons can also relax in the Jacuzzi, perform a tune on the Steinway piano, workout in a private gym, view stellar art, pool table, watch favorite shows on the world’s largest television screen, and indulge in free Hermès products, which are available in each of the bathrooms.


So, make sure you’re on the nice list next Christmas! Maybe Santa will pull through for you on this one 🙂


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