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LONDON - OCTOBER 23: A fire truck races to an emergency call October 23, 2002 in London, United Kingdom. Deputy British Prime Minister John Prescott has warned that firefighters will be risking lives if they go on strike for a 40 percent pay raise as they have threatened. Full-time firefighters are planning to begin the series of eight day walkouts over 36 days October 29, 2002. The Army, Royal Navy and RAF are on standby to provide cover along with 4,000 part-time firefighters with the Retained Firefighters Union (RFU). (Photo by Scott Barbour/Getty Images)

A 21-year-old guy in West Virginia was arrested for trying to burn down a strip club on Wednesday . . . because his girlfriend was working there, and he wanted to keep her off the pole.


Cops: Jealous Boyfriend Set Strip Joint Fire

DECEMBER 14--A West Virginia man charged with torching a strip club told police that he set the blaze because he did not want his girlfriend to continue dancing at the establishment, court records sh