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Catch Your Own Dinner At This Fish Restaurant

Farm to table restaurants have been on the rise this past year. One Japanese chain has taken that concept and made it so you can catch your own meal. Zauo is a restaurant which allows its customers to fish for their own dish.

The eating establishment is three floors high. On the first two levels, you can reel in fish. The tanks contain about ten different kinds of fish. As you walk into the location, you are given a fishing pole and are asked to prepare the rod with bait. Place the line in and be patient! Your fresh dish is about to be caught.

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12月04日 16:35 ランチタイムより釣り出来ます。人気の釣り定食一人前1980円で釣りチケット2枚付いています。※注文は二人前から承ります https://t.co/B1oaDjjJyl


Once you’ve selected your underwater meal, choose how you’d like it to be prepared. Customers can have it grilled, fried or served as sushi. According to Yahoo, fetching your own meal in the manner reduces the price of the meal. Their website states, “The regular price of a red-snapper is ¥3,360, bit if caught it can be eaten for only ¥2,499”.

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こんばんは!大人気のポケ森の「あの場面」を完全再現出来る(ポケ森魚釣りキット)をご用意しました! リアルな釣りも楽しんで見ませんか? #ざうお目黒店 #どうぶつの森ポケットキャンプ #魚釣り


If you aren’t a fan of catching your own meal, you can also choose from pre-caught dinners. The restaurant has a special section where “sushi and higher-end dishes will be served - no fishing required”, according to Eater.

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Due to the popularity of the 13 restaurants in Japan, they’re planning on opening a few in the United States. Although they announced in 2015 that they will be bringing the concept to New York City and San Francisco, Food & Wine notes that the health department in the two locations may not think the concept is possible.

For now, you’ll have to plan a vacation to Japan in order to test this unique dining experience!


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