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SANTA MARIA, CA - JANUARY 30: A view inside Courtroom #8, one day before jury selection begins for the Michael Jackson child molestation trial at the Superior Court of California courthouse on January 30, 2005 in Santa Maria, California. (Photo by Spencer Weiner-Pool/Getty Images)

A woman in Scotland who was involved in an alleged drug and alcohol fueled altercation with her boyfriend that resulted in a destroyed room and ended when she ripped one of her boyfriends testicles out of the scrotum with her teeth was ordered to pay him 500 British Pounds in restitution.  That’s just under $700 US.


Woman ripped man's testicle out with teeth

A woman has been ordered to pay compensation to her former boyfriend after ripping a testicle out of his scrotum with her teeth. Nunzia Del Viscio, 43, carried out the attack in her victim's flat in Edinburgh in May last year. She claimed she had been acting in self defence, but was convicted of assault.