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Is the "Invisible Box Challenge" the New Social Media Thing?

There's a social media thing called the "Invisible Box Challenge."  You pretend to step on an invisible box with one foot, then step over the box with your other foot.  It's a lot harder than it looks.  But it's not that new . . . there are videos of people doing it in 2014.

'Invisible box'? Viral Challenge Videos 2017

TRY IT AT HOME! INVISIBLE BOX CHALLENGE. Could you step over an 'invisible box'? Internet goes wild for new viral trend where people appear to walk on air (but how do they do it?) Baffling videos have taken social media by storm, people seemingly walking in mid-air by stepping over an invisible box.



'Invisible box challenge' takes internet - CNN Video

There was the planking challenge, the mannequin challenge, and now, the latest trend to take social media by storm is the "invisible box challenge."