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Mattress company releases a 12 foot bed for the entire family to share

For the family that REALLY enjoys quality time together! Mattress makers released a 12-FOOT-WIDE co-sleeping bed for parents who prefer to sleep alongside their children.
The mattress is more than double the size of a queen and for just over $4,000 the whole family can sleep together.


A mattress maker just released a 12-foot bed for co-sleeping families

The Ace Mattress Family Size bed measures 144 inches wide and 80 inches long, which is more than twice the size of the average queen-size bed The mattresses cost $2,750 each on their own, but the price rises to an eye-watering $4,054 with the box spring, metal frame, sheets and pillow cases There are plenty of controversial parenting choices out there, but few elicit quite as much intense debate as co-sleeping.