(Photo by Barry Batchelor/Anwar Hussein Collection/Getty Images)

Do We Need Fruitcake-Flavored Candy? Because It Exists

Are people cool with fruitcake now?  Cool enough that it's ready for spin-offs?Brach's just released a new candy for this Christmas season:  Fruitcake Nougats.  You might know Brach's Christmas Nougats . . . they're the little chewy mint candies with Christmas trees on them.  And now there's a fruitcake-flavored version.


REVIEW: Brach's Fruit Cake Nougats - The Impulsive Buy

In many European folk tales, a family discovers that their child has been replaced with a changeling, a hideous, ill-tempered fairy baby. I think Brach's has a changeling on its hands. I have always loved their Christmas Nougats: wonderful white peppermint, gorgeous green wintergreen, and pretty pink cinnamon.