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The latest store to launch a baby registry feature is . . . Domino’s Pizza.  Yes, if you’re expecting, you can register at so your friends and family can buy you pizzas.

And sure, those aren’t QUITE as practical as stuff like diapers or car seats, but when you’re so focused on the baby that you don’t have time to shop, cook, or even get carry out, maybe that pizza delivery WILL be a big help.


Domino's Pizza Is Launching a Baby Registry

Calling all pregnant pizza lovers! Domino's Pizza is launching a baby registry "for the parents who prefer delicious melty cheese to wipe warmers" on Wednesday, November 29. Celebrity Babies of 2017 One featured product on the pizza-chain's registry includes different Domino's pizza packages like "Sleeping Through The Night," "Dad's Babysitting - AKA Mom's Night Out" and "Hormonal and Hangry."