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VIDEO: Judas Priest Tease New LP ‘Firepower’

Judas Priest is giving fans a taste of its upcoming album, Firepower.

The British metal troupe has released a 15-second teaser snippet of the title track, as well as the "Firepower" album cover, depicting a fiery, bird-like vehicle similar to previous Priest covers for the albums "Screaming For Vengeance," "Defenders Of The Faith" and "Angel Of Retribution."

'Firepower' - The New Judas Priest Album

Uploaded by Judas Priest on 2017-11-27.

Frontman Rob Halford tells us the album is nearing completion and that he and his bandmates are looking forward to delivering something new for their fans:

"It's important to remember that...wherever you are in music, regardless of the input that you create, you can't get elevated, you can't get lifted up, you can't be on the stage, you can't be given the spotlight without the glorious fans that support you...They're our lifeblood. They're the instigators more than anything else. The fans are the reason why we step up and go one louder than 10, and I think Priest is about to reach 11 or go past 11, over the cliff..."

Firepower is due out in March and reunites the band with 80s producer Tom Allom. The group begins a world tour on March 13 in Wilkes-Barre, Pa., and is nominated for the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame's class of 2018.


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