(Photo by Justin Sullivan/Getty Images)

A Fashion Company Is Selling a $736 Dress That Looks Like a Plastic Dry Cleaning Bag

There's been a lot of DUMB FASHION this year.  We've heard about things like socks and sandals at a Louis Vuitton show . . . a $2,100 Calvin Klein sweater that's just sleeves . . . and jeans with a butt crack zipper.  And this is JUST as good. 

The clothing brand Moschino just started selling a dress that looks like a DRY CLEANING BAG.  The shoulders look like a dry cleaner's hanger that says "We Love Our Customers," and the dress itself is see-through like a plastic bag.

If for some reason you want it, it'll run you $736.  Ironically, the washing instructions say that you shouldn't have it dry cleaned.


This $700 Moschino Dress Is Basically Just a Bag of Dry Cleaning

Just when I thought I've seen it all when it comes to OTT high fashion, something comes along to prove me wrong. There were those weird latex Gucci sock-heels, Off-White's plastic-wrapped shoes, Louis Vuitton's Stranger Things graphic T-shirt, and Moschino's high-fashion My Little Pony merchandise.