" This Crue Happend 28 Yrs Ago "

Sep 1, 1989 – 28 years ago today, Motley Crue released their 5th album, “Dr. Feelgood.” Nikki Sixx wrote some classic' Crue on this album . More then anything this Album was just that ...You Felt Good when you heard songs like Kick Start My Heart , Without You, Same Ol' Situation S.O.S. Don't Go Away Mad (LOL...Just go away) .Even the deep tracks  Slice of your Pie, Rattle Snake Shake Rocked! And I remember seeing them here  and also making a road trip to Ft Wayne ,IN to see them again when I had lots of spare time and funds on my hands.  Thanks for one hell of a Summer/Fall that year

~screamin scott