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LOS ANGELES - FEBRUARY 18: Chester Bennington of Linkin Park and Jay-Z perform during the "Music for Relief" tsunami benefit concert at the Anaheim Pond on February 18, 2005 in Anaheim, California.(Photo by Matthew Simmons/Getty Images)

2004 received a great rock/rap crossover in ‘Collison Course,’ and Jay-Z took time to perform in honor of Chester Bennington at V Festival 2017.

Staffordshire, England played host to Jay-Z, who asked to get some love from the crowd for Bennington, the late frontman of Linkin Park. His suicide last month was a hard one for the musical community to swallow.

Jay-Z’s collaboration with Linkin Park was a sign of the times back in 2004, and he asks the crowd to sing along for Chester if they know the song “Numb,” which was spliced together with Jay-Z’s famed “Encore.”

Watch the video here:

Jay Z - Tribute to Chester Bennington - Encore/Numb - V Festival

Jay-Z live at V Festival 2017. Jay-Z and Linkin Park will, of course, be forever intertwined because of their collaborative 2004 Collision Course mash-up EP. Saturday night (Aug. 19), at his first show since Chester Bennington's death last month, Jay-Z paid tribute to his late collaborator by performing "Numb/Encore" at the V Festival in Staffordshire, England.


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