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Trained music lovers put it to the test just now, and we have some findings – FOR SCIENCE!

BuzzFeed just shared this tweet in a post, that says if you go into your Music app, and in the playback’s equalizer, you change it to “Late Night,” it will make your speaker louder.


We tested the theory, and there’s a resounding maybe 5% chance it makes any difference. Now, before you come with your torch and pitchforks, here’s some of the factors we tested:

It only will work in the “Music” app, because that’s where the settings changed.

Luckily one of us had “Bad Blood” by Taylor Swift on our phones to test this theory with. Streaming services aren’t affected by this change so you won’t be able to test it with any other streaming app.

This is a SPEAKER change only.

This change will not affect your headphone input/output. It is to be used for the speaker sound on your phone only.


The only change is that the music seems less quality at this setting.

If it increases at all, it’s a HAIR of an increase, and it makes the speaker sound a little crunchier in output.


Many had tweeted that the trick had worked, but coming from the musical experts we have here, it did not work on my iPhone 6. We call this theory “DEBUNKED,” but let us know if you get it to work!


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