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NEW YORK, NY - SEPTEMBER 21: Cheetos Brand Takes First Of ÿÀk "ÿÝ ÿÄ?

Cheetos is opening a pop-up restaurant in New York City next week that only serves food made with Cheetos . . . including mac and cheese, nachos, and cheesecake.

It’s going to be called “The Spotted Cheetah” and the menu will feature dishes ranging in price from around $10-$25 and created by celebrity chef Anne Burell.  The restaurant will open sometime next week.


Cheetos to open restaurant with Anne Burrell

Cheetos, the snack chip owned by PepsiCo , is launching a pop-up restaurant in New York City devoted to Cheetos-inspired dishes. The Spotted Cheetah, which opens to the public between August 15 and August 17, is a marriage between Cheetos and celebrity chef Anne Burrell.