Wichita State University in Kansas recently teamed up with the city of Wichita to paint a water tower with the school logo and name.  And somehow, they managed to misspell two of the three words.  Impressive.

Even MORE impressive?  The word they DIDN’T misspell is “Wichita,” which is definitely the hardest one to spell right.

They switched the last letters in “state” and “university,” so the water tower said “Wichita Staty Universite.”  The city fixed it on Friday morning . . . but not until after tons of people had taken photos.



Giant mistakes fixed on water tower at WSU

Wichita State University's name on the water tower near 17th and Oliver was misspelled and later fixed Friday morning. The last two letters of "State" and "University" were switched to say, "Wichita Staty Universite." Images of the misspelling began to take off on social media Friday morning.