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Dave Grohl on The Mystery Guest Vocalist on the Foo Fighters’ New Album

The mystery still looms as to who the mystery guest vocalist on Foo Fighters’ new album Concrete and Gold could be, but Dave Grohl offered up some, albeit vague, clues.

In a chat with Rolling Stone, Grohl adds to his original comments to BBC Radio 1 about the guest vocalist being the “biggest pop star in the world” by saying, “This person is, I think, is more than that,” and that he ran into said vocalist toward the end of the recording process, and they express how much they wanted to sing on Concrete and Gold.  Next thing he knew, they had a backup part for the vocalist to sing.

The other clues included how Grohl has met them before, but never hung out with them, how they were more talented than he knew and how he talked to them about taking part in the new season of Sonic Highways.

Also, it’s not Adele or Taylor Swift.

This writer’s guess?  Maybe Madonna.  She’s definitely considered by most to be more than just a pop star.  They likely have crossed paths in the past, but never hung out.  Madonna also would be blunt enough to just say how much she’d want to be on the Foo’s new album.  And there is a good chance that Grohl didn’t realize how talented she was until they were in the studio.  (No offense, Madge.)

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