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Sausage Crashes on Couple's Roof

Imagine this:  You are fast asleep when you hear a loud crashing noise in your home. When you get up to check on what made the noise, you discover 15 pounds of frozen meat.

Well, for one Floridan family, this was a reality. While they were sleeping one Saturday morning, the entire family was awoken by an unimaginable alarm clock.

Travis Adair told WPLG News that “It was like thunder”. When the entire family got up they “found two packages of sausage on [their] side yard.”

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Bags upon bags of frozen sausage land on Florida family's roof. And no one seems to know where they came from.

Once they found the packages, Adair said they went “to go on the roof” to see if they could figure out what happened. Sitting on top of the family’s roof was three packages of Italian pork sausages. The bags, which weighed a total of 15 pounds, were “marked William Land Service, a land-clearing company in Alabama” says WPLG.

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15 lbs of sausage landed on my roof at 4am last night. From a plane you ask? Who the hell knows, but I swear I'm not joking ????

Like any person who found a lot of sausage on their roof, the family was baffled. In order to solve the mystery, they called the company whose name was located on the side of the bag. Needless to say, we are sure the conversation he had was hilarious.

Austin Adair said that “I called them and they guy had no idea what I was talking about and probably thought I was crazy.” In all honesty, he probably made the sale representative’s day.


Family startled when 15 pounds of pork sausage falls on roof...

At the current moment, they have not heard back from the company about the weird occurrence. However, the family is suspecting that the meat came from a plane. The family’s mom, Jennie Adair believes that it could possibly be a part of a drug deal.

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Sausage saga continues after meat mysteriously falls onto Florida Man's roof via /r/FloridaMan

Regardless of how the meat ended up on their roof, they currently have a lot of sausage to cook up for dinner. Well, maybe it would be a little gross to eat now!


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