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A website called Belle Chic is selling a $13 tote bag that says “My Favorite Color is Glitter.”  But someone on Twitter just noticed that the cursive font they used to write “GLITTER” actually makes it look like it says “HITLER.”

Belle Chic quickly altered the bag, so now the version on their site very CLEARLY says “Glitter.”

But the screenshots of what it looked like will live on forever.


People who buy this tote bag are in for a Nazi surprise

Terrified bull kills itself on wooden post after its horns were set on fire The bag, which is all too real, and on sale via Belle Chic.com, is supposed to say, 'My favourite colour is Glitter'. But the font choice is a little unfortunate - kind of like when someone uses the word, 'Clint' but then kerns the letters too close together.