What Staple Microsoft Program Is Set To Vanish?

Out of all the programs you have used on a Microsoft / Windows set up, one comes to mind that we've all used at some point, and it's now being put out to pasture. 

According to BBC's Tech Sector, Windows Operating Systems will no longer be equipped with the Paint program.

The list created for Windows 10's Fall Creators Update has listed that it will either be removed or "not in active development."

Since the program has existed since 1985, most of us that grew up on a computer have dabbled in the Paint program most of our lives, and some of us even graduated to being Graphic Designers using Adobe Photoshop and Illustrator because being a professional Paint user was not a college degree.

Either way, the internet is in mourning, so if you're rocking an old operating system, cherish these moments you have with Microsoft Paint.


louise ???? on Twitter

Rip my childhood of drawing loads of squiggles and colouring each blank space a different colour #RIPpaint https://t.co/8tz9uwHg7n

Mike Christian on Twitter

Microsoft might be getting rid of Paint after 32 years. ???? LIFE CAN BE SO CRUEL ???? #RIPpaint

Dom Green on Twitter

'Everything has its time and everything dies' A moment in remembrance for Microsoft Paint. #RIPpaint


charlotte ???? on Twitter

I'm heartbroken ???? #RIPpaint

ICE on Twitter

But... future generations will never know the joy Microsoft Paint can bring into their lives... #RIPpaint #MSpaint

Charmaine de Souza on Twitter

ummmmm if ms paint hadn't existed i never would have made this sweet spiderman fanart back in high school #RIPpaint


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