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Old Songs From The Cutting Room Floor Are New Songs To Me

As someone who discovered rock music during the Grunge age, I've always been fascinated with not only B-sides to some of my favorite albums, but the songs that didn't even get released as B-sides.

Box sets like Smashing Pumpkins' The Aeroplane Flies High and reissues of albums by Radiohead, Pearl Jam and Weezer with entire extra discs full of unreleased stuff are gold to me.

So it's extra special as we await the ninth Foo Fighters record, Concrete and Gold, to find the latest outtake from the HBO series based on their previous release, Sonic Highways. In it, producer Barrett Jones and Dave Grohl listen to an old Reel-to-Reel of a pair of songs that weren't quite ready for prime time.

Sonic Highways Outtakes "Watered it Down/Slackers Password"

Sonic Highways Outtakes "Watered it Down/Slackers Password" Thanks to: Dave Grohl-Roswell Films Jim Rota-Therapy Content and everyone at S.A.M

There's plenty of outtakes from the Sonic Highways interviews with alternate versions of songs from the first Foo's record as well as more unheard gems on the Laundry Room's Youtube channel and all well worth checking out.