Hi everyone! I hope your weekend was just friggin wonderful. This past Friday was the Biddle Beach Bash in Wyandotte and if you were there you know it was totally a blast. Apparently every 3rd Friday of the month, the city of Wyandotte closes a street down and has a little street fair/festival or some kind of theme going on that’s always different. It’s really cool actually, I wish I lived closer so I could get to enjoy it more often. Me, Anne, and the WRIF crew headed to Portofino’s which was on Biddle street– holding the festival. From there we boarded a yacht and had a nice 2 hour cruise along the Detroit River and I got to meet some really awesome people as always. I brought my parents and they even made a bunch of friends…. per usual. There was complimentary  food, a bar and if you were drinking Miller, Sam’s Summer Ale, or Alaskan Amber Ale, the beer was free! Alaskan brews one of my favorite amber ales. Since I was busy socializing with the people and listeners aboard the ship, I missed out on the food. Jerry– the owner of Portofino’s and of the Yacht INSISTED that he buy me a meal, on him, from his restaurant. So I sat down with my parents and had some of the BEST muscles I’ve ever tasted. Everything we tried was absolutely delicious and needless to say, I will be returning to Portofino’s sooner or later. Thanks again Jerry! After my parents and I ate, we went outseide to join Screamin’ Scott who was all set up, broadcasting live from the tent party! There was a really awesome Reggae band playing and I swear, those guys are the real deal– straight from the Islands. They sounded fantastic and I love me some good reggae music. I enjoyed their band, played a couple games of cornhole, and really had a wonderful time. Check out some pictures below from the cruise!