There’s a lot to love about Taco Bell. They’ve got cheap, delicious fast food that makes for perfect late-night eating. But would you pledge to spend the rest of your life with someone at one of their restaurants? Dan Ryckert and Bianca Monda did.

The two Taco Bell “super fans” actually beat out 150 others for the opportunity to tie the knot at a Las Vegas Taco Bell. They entered the chain’s Love and Tacos contest and earned 17,000 votes to claim victory. Their prize included an officiant for their wedding, a bouquet made out of hot sauce packets, customized Taco Bell merchandise, and champagne.

Don’t worry, if this sounds like your dream wedding, starting August 7th you can make it a reality. For $600, the restaurant is offering other love birds the chance to bind themselves in holy matrimony at the Las Vegas location. What a time to be alive.


Lauren Levine is a freelance writer who has contributed to publications and websites including The Charlotte Observer, U.S. News & World Report, American Way magazine, The Huffington Post, Hello Giggles, Bustle, Thrillist, Thought Catalog, and others.