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It’s been a weird year for jeans.  Companies have sold $425 jeans pre-stained with mud . . . ones that are totally see-through . . . ones with detachable legs that convert to jorts . . . and ones that reveal an adjustable amount of butt crack.

And the newest stupid jeans are . . . TOTALLY CROTCHLESS.  A French company called Y/Project made jeans that are basically a denim belt with a few straps that attach to the legs . . . so your entire pelvic region is completely uncovered.

And they can be yours for $570.  Please don’t buy them.


Fashion label's new crotchless jeans now selling for $570

(WCMH) - Not to be outdone by the RompHim, Lacey Shorts or pre-dirtied jeans, these crotchless jeans hope to be the next big thing. The "Detachable Button Down Pants" are made by Y/Project, a Paris-based clothing brand. The "pants" are essentially a denim waist belt holding up two pant legs with adjustable straps.