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Mark Slaughter on New Single “Hey You,” How He Keeps His Voice In Shape

Next Friday (May 26) will see the release of Halfway There, the second solo album from Slaughter namesake Mark Slaughter, and fans of the band Slaughter will be inclined to check out the record especially after listening to its first single “Hey You.”

Embedded below, “Hey You” is in the vein of the band’s debut album Stick It To Ya, and in a recent conversation with Mark Slaughter, he talked about how the driving track came together:

Mark Slaughter on New Single “Hey You,” How He Keeps His Voice In Shape

“So, when I started writing this [song], I had this feel.  It just had this good rock and roll, classic feel to it.  I’ve written ‘Up All Night.’ I’ve been one of those anthemic guys who writes those types of songs, and that’s really what this song is.  There’s not of overly heavy thought in it, even though there’s a couple of lines in there I certainly believe in like questioning authority.  Everybody has to question authority, but for the most part, it’s just a straight-ahead rock song, and it’s a lot of fun to listen to."


Something else you might notice from "Hey You" is the fact that Slaughter's voice still sounds strong after decades in rock.  He also let us in as to how he keeps his pipes in tip-top shape:

Mark Slaughter on New Single “Hey You,” How He Keeps His Voice In Shape

"I’m a belter; I sing hard…The wear and tear is wear and tear that everyone else experiences, but I live a clean life, but it helps to have a little tequila or something here and there, but for the most part, I just really focus on what’s best for my voice…Talking is probably the hardest thing for any lead singer in any band.  Telling a lead singer to shut up is usually a very difficult thing.  One of the things you have to regulate as a vocalist is to not speak a lot when you’re doing shows…Celine Dion doesn’t even talk at all; she writes on a piece of paper until she’s singing.  That’s how she’s preserved her voice for as long as she has.  She’s probably spoken more words on a tablet than out loud."

Rest and a little tequila.  Sounds like a way this writer recently spent a weekend.

Halfway There is currently available for pre-order at

Mark Slaughter - "Hey You"

Legendary Hard Rock vocalist Mark Slaughter of SLAUGHTER, releases "HEY YOU", the first single from his upcoming LP HALFWAY THERE, in stores May 26th on EMP LABEL GROUP, exclusively via GUITAR WORLD!! Pre-order the album now on CD, LP, Picture Disc, and in bundle configurations at!

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