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Tips For Surviving Final Exam Season

It's that time of the year- again- where college students are agonizing over taking final exams.

Students are pouring blood, sweat and tears into their countless hours of studying and doing prep work.

Some students are in the process of completing their exams for the semester, others have finished, but are still anticipating their final scores. Either way, there's anxiety flooding college campuses everywhere!

It's a rough time for students as they know finals are tickets into college and one step closer to sweet summertime- a break from the college world. It's a big deal.

Finals are unbelievably stressful, even if you are an A+ student and confident test-taker.

Depending on the class, the final alone can make or break whether a student passes the class, despite months of hard work and dedication to assignments and tests. Many students rely on the final to boost their grade.

But fretting won't solve anything. Finals are simply unavoidable.

Surviving Final Exam Season
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Here are some tips that can help students survive the final exam season.

  • Know your final exam schedule. Know the time and place for each final. Most professors email out this information. Print it. Save it.
  • Do not overstudy. Your brain needs a rest too. Take breaks in between studying. Drink water to stay hydrated, which ultimately helps you retain information. Go for a jog in between a study session. Keep the blood flowing to the brain. Study ahead of time. Don't wait until the night before. Don't sit for long periods of time to avoid tiredness or the feeling of being "drained."

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Ya know, finals week really hasn't been that stressful for me. But... that's probably just because I haven't started studying yet

  • Get plenty of rest. Sleep is key to success. Get at least 7-8 hours the night before a final exam. You'll be able to think more clearly and remember content better.
  • Eat right. Every student wants the sugar rush to help get them through finals without all the yawning. Oh, it will get you through finals, but it may not help you do WELL on finals. Grab foods with protein. (walnuts, veggies and lean meats) Stay away from bad carbs and sugar (frappes, pizza, cookies) that can leave you exhausted and even more hungry later on!
  • Utilize different study methods. Give equal amounts of time for each subject. One hour for Biology and one hour for Statistics. Study in the library. Study at the dorm. Study at home or study with a friend. Change it up. Vary your scenery. Keep refreshing that brain!
  • Say goodbye to technology. When you are studying, stay off social media and silence your cell phones. Becoming distracted will not only waste time, but also make you lose focus. Your learning will become ineffective. Pick a couple times during the day to respond to texts and answer Facebook messages. Your friends can wait. They'll understand.

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Bc looking up finals memes instead of actually studying for finals is so much more entertaining

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Studying for finals is honestly super stressful when you live with two younger siblings https://t.co/LJz4CmVV5y

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