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How To Kick Those Bad Sugar Cravings

Are you a sweet tooth? Do you frequently crave sugar?

Here's the good news.  You aren't alone. Because all humans do. Every person sometime in their life has experienced the infamous sugar rush.

The bad news- sugar has an endless amount of side effects that goes beyond impacting our waistlines. High sugar intake causes fatigue, uncontrollable cravings, irritability, high blood pressure and the possibility of heart disease, diabetes, and obesity.

It's undoubtedly too easy to turn to caramel frappucinos, doughnuts, coffee, cereal and bagels when we need an energy boost. We crave these delicious goodies because sugar triggers the 'feel good' chemical serotonin- something our body attempts to release more of as hormone levels change, according to bodyandsoul.com.

Regardless of how many food campaigns and initiatives we hear to eat better and make healthier choices, bodyandsoul.com reports sugar still makes up a third of our calorie intake.

Eating these bad carbs sends us right back to the kitchen. They simply starve the body of nutrition and ultimately, leave us feeling even more hungry later on. An overload in these types of foods takes over our impulse. We begin to lose control and instead of reaching for vegetables, fresh fruit, yogurt or walnuts- the good carbs-, we feel as though we need that big bowl of Fruit Loops or hot-and-ready Krispy Kreme doughnut to make it through the day.

Good carbs have a tendency to break down at a much slower pace than bad carbs. They keep blood sugar levels stabilized and keep you feeling full a lot longer.

Here are five ways to help cut down on those unwanted cravings. Try them out to see if you come out with some sweet rewards.

Dr. Josh Axe has the scoop. 

  1. Getting the right foods into your diets
  2. Get the sugar and grains out of your diet
  3. Taking the right supplements that will help balance out blood sugar levels
  4. Start doing proper exercises

How to Kill Your Sugar Addiction Naturally

For more info: https://draxe.com/is-sugar-bad-for-you/?utm_campaign=Live-Nov-2014&utm_medium=social&utm_source=youtube&utm_term=sugaraddiction In this video I want to talk to you about how to overcome food cravings and sugar cravings naturally.

And so does Dr. Oz.

5. Add a pinch of salt to your fruit. 

Dr. Oz Explains How to Cut Down Sugar Cravings in Two Weeks

Enhance the naturally sweet taste of fruit by adding a pinch of salt to a serving of fresh fruit twice a day.

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