Happy Mother's Day,Screamin's Mom Edition

May 14th is Mother's Day

So what better way to celebrate then to talk about someone who's been there for me all my life. Patrica Randall is my Mom. Overflowing with sweetness.Growing up as a young screamer, all the neighborhood kids would gravitate to my house to see my mother.The Brady Bunch's Carol Brady didn't have anything on my Mom especially when it came to picking or dropping us kids up at the Mall, The Park, Bowling, Stroh's or Farrell's ice cream parlor we are talking anywhere...  From the earliest days, I was always a Mommy's boy .Any event she was there for support.Me I was there for her, like the time she wanted my help to quit smoking. She told me to do anything I could to help her stop. So, I did by submerging an entire carton of smokes in water and putting it in the freezer.When she wanted a smoke , my Mother would have to use an ice pick to chisel away till she got to the cigarettes.

Her favorite things to cook was Pot Roast & Potatoes, and she always made Liver & Onions for my Father. As for me I was lucky to have a dog at the time who got the most of my Liver.

Mom also travel anywhere my Radio career took me , Wapakoneta Ohio, Decatur Indiana, and along with my Pops have been my biggest fans.One could be so lucky to be so blessed as to have a beautiful Mother who's smile and laugh was all you needed to cheer you in my young Hockey career sitting in ice cold rinks cheering me on.To being there when my first love broke my heart.Be there when my High School theater picked me for a supporting male lead. My Crazy time as a Morning Detroit radio personality throwing frozen Turkey's down Bowling ally's to my Dream job at WRIF for the last 20 years. What do you say to someone who to this day is my Hero.

Thank You Mom

Happy Mother's Day from your #1 Son