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Joe Manganiello Gets Cast As Batman Villain, Media Loses It Over DC's Direction

In other words, Joe Manganiello wants everyone to stop being "drama queens" about the Batman stand alone film.

Manganiello expressed his frustrations with Robert Irvine Magazine, sharing that "everyone involved wants to make this the best film possible," and doesn't understand why everyone's making such a fuss.

He is already training for the role, the villain Deadstroke, and shared with the mag that "It's an incredibly athletic role so all of the training is very functional. I've also started Kung fu and chi gung training, and I've also started working with katanas."

In contrast to what the headlines read, Manganiello shares that he is very excited to be working with all of the people connected with the DC Universe, and that he believes that Ben Affleck makes a great Batman. He also notes that many roles have come his way in the superhero fashion, but none fit him quite like this one, and he waited for the opportune role to accept.

With his "drama queen" comment to Robert Irvine, he shares how much scrutiny comes with the DC Universe in terms of the movies, and he says contrary to the releases about the script needing revisions, and Ben Affleck giving up directing the film, that there's a creative process in tact and that "Rest assured, we're gonna do this thing right."

I don't know what it is about Joe Manganiello, but I'm inclined to believe him... For now.




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