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There’s A Second News Feed On Facebook You Probably Knew Nothing About

As if one news feed wasn't enough, now there are two newsfeeds on Facebook!

Wait, what?

It's true!

According to Seventeen, Facebook is testing a second news feed which explores content the user may be interested in. It's a carbon copy of Instagram's explore option, and since Facebook and Instagram are both owned by the same company, the additional newsfeed was bound to happen sooner or later.

Essentially, when you use the second newsfeed, you will see content on pages you don't follow.

Sounds interesting, right?

Hold that thought, iPhone users!

At the moment, the new feature is only being tested on android devices.

If you're not a fan a change, the second newsfeed might not be for you, however, checking out the explore option may be a way to broaden your knowledge of what's happening within the social space.

Oftentimes, we are subjected to the limited viewpoints available to us from the people and pages we follow, but the explore option allows us to see what is going on outside of our network, so-to-speak.



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